Principles for benefit

§ 1
Basic requirements

Worthy of support are authentic applicants like university or other juridical institutions, qualified applying for exactly earmarked means in agreement with the foundation's statutes, purposes and principles for benefit – beyond of the sphere of commonwealth responsibility.

According to the founder's will any kind of outside intermediary agency or subaltern interlocutor instead of the authentic applicant by oneself is without exception to be excluded from application talks with the ad infinitum foundation's management.

For any kind of support the applicant's financial indigence is pre-supposed.

Beyond the above criterions decisions on benefitting research projects within purposes I, II and III – Science & Research, Medical Research and Art & Culture – are subjected to the following pre-conditions:

Worthiness of benefit regarding the remaining three purposes will be decided on by the Managing Committee in the same way as above and for the rest according to circumstances.

When benefitting research projects the foundation's Managing Committee is obliged to make it a condition that in case of a benefitted project's commercial success the winnings would have to be shared with the foundation in relation to the project's total costs and the benefitted amount spent by the foundation.

§ 2
Application for benefit

For preparatory reason a complete application is to be e-mailed to the foundation's e-mail address in conformity with the instructions given by the homepage's Application form. Moreover for legality's reason the application is to be printed in full, thereupon to be signed by the applicant and finally in parallel to e-mail to be posted to the foundation's particular mailing address
c/o Beate Roesner
Bornholmer Str. 5
D- 104 39 Berlin
All rights reserved to the foundation obtaining information about estimate, budgetary plan, proof of financial standing/ organization's or other foundation's public utility state, interim and/ or final research results directly from the applicant as well as indirectly.

§ 3
Allocation of benefit

Decision on benefit is made by the foundation's Managing Committee. On the basis of the principles for benefit as per above § 2 the foundation's Managing Committee takes the decisions at free discretion. The decisions are not disputable. All promises of benefit are granted by the Managing Committee's own free will.
Inasmuch as it would become evident that an application fails to meet the principles for benefit as per above the foundation's Managing Committee might not inform the applicant about their disapprobation.

§ 4
Proof of use

Before taking any decision on benefit and allocating means their intended purpose has to be proved to the foundation by furnishing a complete proof of use by filling in the Application form. By the proof of use the applicant also is supposed to be obliged to repayment of allocated means inasmuch as they were not used for the intended, allocated purpose or have been spent in contradiction to the above principles for benefit.


Normally allocated means will be paid to university institutions or other juridical organisations for earmarked projects. Only in exception cases on the Managing Committee's initiative and accord means will be paid directly to an individual applicant of a grant earmarked for purpose I Science & Research or III Art & Culture. An economical report on how the allocated means obtained from the ad infinitum foundation have been used has to be delivered by the applicant within a period agreed upon from 8 to 18 months - provided no other demand is raised by the foundation - from receipt of the grant, together with a project report describing the outcome of the project in terms of results and publications or other forms of presentation. The foundation's grant is to be acknowledged by the supported applicant when the results are presented and made public.

An approved application will be followed by payment of the amount agreed upon as soon as a prescribed form – Evidence of use – is filled in, signed and delivered by the applicant to the AIF's office for the purpose of by request to be shown to the local Tax Inspector's Office.

§ 6

Excepting a fully reprinted and signed copy of the complete application exchange of correspondence is supposed to take place by e-mail exclusively. Otherwise any material or correspondence not sent by e-mail might be disregarded.