Deal, Board of Control, Tax Inspection

On June 10th, 2005 the ad infinitum foundation was set up in Lübeck, Germany for the purpose of general and charitable utility. On June 29th, 2005 the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of the Interior acknowledged the foundation's establishment. The ad infinitum foundation is subjected to the jurisdiction of Civil Law with own legal entity.

The Board of Control is conducted by the Mayor of the Hanseatic Town Lübeck.

On September 12th, 2005 the Lübeck Tax Inspector's Office decreed the foundation's tax privileges enjoying status for the purpose of general and charitable utility under No. 22 290 820 51.

Executive Power

The ad infinitum foundation's sole executive power is conducted by its Managing Committee, performing the foundation's management and representing it judicially as well as extra-judicially. With the exception of orderly regulated functions requiring specialized knowledge the Managing Committee's foundation work is normally done for honor's sake.