Sponsors' engagement

Sponsors' remittance account

According to its designation the ad infinitum foundation aspires to emulate the Nobel foundation by incessantly contributing to public weal and supporting as well as promoting projects within the scopes of their purposes.

People, who are devoted to public weal, having it at heart to sponsor our doings, are welcome to do so by remitting means in terms of either unbounded or bounded gifts to

ad infinitum foundation

for EURO-payments:

comdirect bank AG, BLZ 200 411 55,
IBAN DE 12 2004 1155 0558 3612 00,

Remittee's acknowledgement of receipt for tax abatement

According to German tax legislation means remitted for the purpose of general and charitable utility to the ad infinitum foundation are deductable in Germany from income-tax and/or corporation's profit-tax within the limits of the fiscal law rules. For amounts higher than 100 Euro sponsors will receive a separate remittee's acknowledgement of receipt from the foundation. For means amounting to a maximum of 100 Euro a sponsor's own statement of account will do instead of the remittee's receipt.